meet The Founder

Shaniequa L. Washington
Shaniequa Washington is a devoted Christian, author and entrepreneur who has committed her life to help other women bridge the gap between faith and business. She believes that making God the CEO of your business is the only secret to success. 

Leading people to Christ is of optimum priority to her. She does this through her several platforms ranging from books to podcasts, conferences, and coaching that have allowed her to transform the lives, and businesses, of many. Shaniequa is a master in building character, as well as, building influential brands and businesses. 
Shaniequa's impact is global as she leads an orphanage for women and young girls in West Africa, "The Zebilla Project".

Currently, she serves as a leader for the #1 company on the Forbes Fortune 500.  She aids women in cultivating their gifts and skillsets to master their careers with no compromise. 
Shaniequa's vast knowledge of over two decades of experience is sought after as she leads as a classroom instructor for the #1 coaching resource Atiras International Coaching Academy.

During her leisure time, Shaniequa enjoys reading, journaling, volunteering, traveling, and spending quality time with her husband Corey and her four beautiful daughters. 


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