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Inspiring Influence

How do great leaders inspire others to commit themselves to their goals?

It’s not just that they have charismatic personalities, or that they give a lot of high-energy motivational talks. What they do is communicate their vision so effectively that other people adopt it as their own.

Inspiring people is what great leaders like John F. Kennedy did best. In the early 60's, President Kennedy set his sights on putting a man on the moon and told the American people, “We can do it!” He said it with such conviction that people believed it and committed themselves to making it happen. And, sure enough, we made it to the moon.

John F. Kennedy illustrated a formula for any leader to inspire commitment:

1. Clear goals

2. A solid plan of action

3. Strong Conviction

Leadership takes more than inspiration. One of the most insightful tips I learned about leading others is that people do things for their reasons, not for your reasons or for mine. So the goals, the plan of action and the strong conviction have to be communicated in a way that directly answers the question, “What’s in it for me?”

People respond to clear opportunities for personal and professional growth. In Leadership it is critical to always back up your promises with action.

Leadership requires you! I Dare you to ask yourself these questions as a leader:

1. Do I have and set clear goals? Am I the only one who understands the plan?

2. Do I have and share a solid plan of action? Are things always unorganized and in chaos?

3. Do I have a strong conviction about what I am doing and hold strong to my convictions?

If there was uncertainty in your answer, I Dare You to re position yourself that you may re position how you Inspire your team. Until we meet again I Dare you to Bridge the gap, by Leading Differently!

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