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Face Change!

Let's be real with ourselves, leading change is not as easy as we talk! Change requires us to move beyond what we see and feel to yield to what is right.

As I look at Emma Gonzalez in the authenticity of how she decided to lead the nation in change. Emma has been able to drive improvement to be a voice for her generation.

It only took one time for Emma to experience something that gave her a clear vision of what should not happen! In our lives, we all have had that experience where had to face change. Our circumstance may not have been as tragic as what Emma met, however, we have all encountered something that made us say never again not on my watch. On February 14th in the state of Florida, the voice that rose in Emma was no more! Not on my watch. Being a victim of a massive shooting that impacted the lives of many people including hers, Emma had a clear vision of change. The experiences we face brings about a clear view that causes you to shift. It causes you to be flexible in your hearing that you gain a clear understanding of what must change. What Emma continued to hear was pretty much nothing would change, this did not align in the direction of what she envisioned which was peace of mind and safety for all students across the nation!

Emma did not become confined in herself, and what happened in Florida, her experience made her change her mind about just focusing on her community and lead a national movement that changes the perspective of the world. Because Emma faced change, retail giants began to change their policies which became an influence within itself.

As an agent of change, leaders go first! They focus on the priority; they take ownership of the entire situation and listen intently to make the right decision to produce useful results. Emma's courage to face change helped many young people across the nation to find their voice and to stand, a stand to lead morally and to move in power not violence. Emma asked the right questions, and while she was patient, she moved with persistence.

Leading change such as this can be so powerful. What difference are you suppose to lead and when and how will you drive it? Leadership is not a title but lifestyle! Let's let a movement of morality together!

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