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Do Quitters REALLY Lead?

In pressing forward going after your dreams goals and desires out of the wood works comes all of the voices. Where in the world were all of these vocal people when you were in the trenches doing the same thing they were doing day in and day out?

When you finally say yes to your vision you must be clear, do not make haste decisions that will alter the path of your life. I come to you not as the chatter box, you just walked away from that. I come from a place of truth, realizing I was right there with you and I heard it all, quit, jump, leap, walk by faith..............

It was never a question of my faith but what we must all understand that faith without works is dead and zeal runs out real fast! Instead of just walking away in a reckless way, instead of being the one who quit, I yielded myself to transition. A transition is the process or change from one state to another, the progression. Why drop what I already had to have nothing, instead build with what you currently possess that you will transition into greater possessions. What I learned in this process was far beyond what I could see in the beginning. I learned how to transition maintaining my six-figure career, while leading my business with no compromise! This is something that someone who quit, simply can't teach you. This is really securing the bag, because now you can make multiple steams of income in the same area that you were planning to quit in, your purpose never leaves you it just changes addresses when you move.

Let's be clear am I telling you not to operate in the purpose you are destined to operate in, NOOOOOOOOOOO what I am clearly advising is you should never have to chase dreams, especially in a way that leaves a trail of ruins behind. I know responsible does not sound as sexy as chase your dreams but the reality is I have seen to many men and women chase dreams in a way that places their families in harms way. While we all need to jump, we must be sure after we jump we have someplace to land.

I know tons of successful people who have maintained their careers, while pursuing the vision who are not stressed out, dying in the line of dream defense and I am proud to say you know one too, thanks for sharing your eyes with her today to read this blog!

Let's get to truth

1. Are you still on your job and want to get off the vision hamster wheel?

2. Have you come off of the hamster wheel and now struggling with balance?

3. Are you just at a place where you are scared out of your mind and you don't know what to do?

Well if any of these questions ended with a response of yes, I say yes I am willing to work this thing out. A job can= A Dream Coming True!

P.S. Remember to always be a bridge and not a cliff, this would mean in your own life too!



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