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Leading Like Ants.. Powerful!

Anybody that knows Coach Shaniequa knows that not do little creatures smhhhhh! Coach Shaniequa realized there is a compelling story behind this little creature. As we sit and think of the size of an ant and it's abilities, the ant has so much unacknowledged power! We can all say if you stepped in an ants territory, you would know by the power of their sting.

What I found out in the power of this picture is that might genuinely is a daily choice. We can stay stuck in our space of what can't happen, what is too large for us to do. The little ole ant, when it decides to move, it draws the other ants to it and looks at what is the outcome.

Determined..... Persistent........Diligent....... The ant pushed this piece of fruit toward the required destination. There are times in our lives where we feel too small to accomplish the things we are destined to do, take a page from the any and know that you can lead yourself to destiny.

I want you to say small is mighty. When you are determined to do what is required to ensure that you secure your life, you will find a sense of peace. When you are persistent in the fact that I must stay focused on what is essential, even when you fall off track you will get back up. When you are diligent enough to know that it can't happen without out you, you will show up for your life intentionally. Leading like ants, it is pretty dang powerful.

These pictures gave me an entirely new perception in leading, and it allowed me to see that sometimes we are so focused on what we think is the "Big Thing" the next best thing that we have the sum of all of the small things right in front of us, once leveraged it will produce. It's time to focus and become diligent about our craft, let's be honest if you are struggling to follow yourself, who is going to buy into your terms.

Struggling with 1. Confidence 2. Consistency 3. Communication 4. Clarity I am your girl, let's place a sting on distractions and make all the things holding you back from success know that I am a force to be reckoned with. Let's decide to secure your life!

I want to help you, let's take this offline. Join me in the circle of influence where we win!

Shaniequa L. Washington

Your Leadership & Life Coach

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