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Your Voice Leads!

I heard one voice, for one hour and gained a dozen messages.

Two weeks ago, I attended a leadership summit for one of my largest clients. One speech moved me. A strong female CEO, in a senior male dominated sector part of the public sector, shared her story. No slides, no extra, just her, her story, her passion, her strength and her words.

She said:

1. I am a leader, just like my male colleagues, it is not about gender. As becoming the first African American Female leader in my area of demographics in senior leadership, this spoke to me. It clearly gave me more insight to the fact that ok, that was the turning point for me, my career, history but it was never about the male vs female factor in the first place. It clarified that at times we tend to focus on the thing that shifted us way to long, and we get stuck in an old space. I own it, as much as it was about gender at the time it is now about change! Now that changed occurred now what?

2. As a woman, you will meet many hurdles defined by the communities expectations. choice of education, decisions about kids and career, your behavior in the boys club and many more. But simply believe in yourself! The simple message of defining ourselves. While I am very conscious of the fact that we are unable to shape every single space of the world but if we shape our space, then that space expands, it gets better, it leads others to their best. We tend to get caught up in the socialism of things that become hurdles believe it or not, those hurdles are already out there, why create more! Believe in what you have, believe in what you do, believe in why you do it, and simply just do it!

3. It is about the balance. This is a space to definitely chat about. As women in general balance is a joke in most of our lives, we often over-commit and undersell ourselves. This leads to burn out, frustration, bitterness. We lead this space with our heart and we get angry because we failed to use our head. The simpleness of explanation as she shared her story, it was only a voice her voice that she used but it had the ability to lead me to an audit, lead me to looking deep inside to make the right decisions for me!

Ladies let's just cut to the heart of this matter, above all else this is where it is at!

  • It is NOT about being a man or a woman, but your personal leadership style.

  • It is about balance and diversity. A long-term successful leadership group has diversity.

  • It is about industry, position and the setting.

  • It is about being human!

  • It is about knowing your female values, and use them wisely according to the situation.

  • It is about analyzing the situation and being conscious about your leadership style.

  • It is about learning from the best and the worst leaders.

  • It is about listening to your organization, being open to new ideas and learn from history.

  • It is about leaning in, but also about leaning out and seek advice from your power friends!

  • It is about stepping out of your comfort zone.

  • It is about knowing your vision and goals.

  • It is about going all in.

  • It is about trusting and being yourself!

So my encouragement to you, sisters, be the best version of yourself!

And, heck yeah, I put on that lipstick on wherever I am! Even though, I was advised, that it would ruin my career.

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