The best of the best ensures that they are always shaping their next level. Annual coaching provides continual growth through your individual transitions. Growing in your area of expertise does not look all the same, the truth be told it can be quite painful.  As you become more effecient in how you are leading things change! This package allows one full year of focus and growth.  This coaching selection is based off of a contract.

The Annual Coaching package includes:

  • One full year of coaching at two, 60 minute coaching sessions per month,
  • Free Consultation at a $75.00 value
  • Free copy of my book "Leading From The Front" at a $14.95 value
  • 3 Free monthly 15 minute question calls if you have questions along the way in addition to the two structured monthly coaching sessions,
  • Monthly news letter 
  • Access to networking sessions

Annual Coaching


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